Patient Registration

An expedited experience

Patient Registration For Root Canal Treatment

What to bring

  • The referral slip and any x-rays from your dentist’s office
  • A list of medications you are presently taking
  • Any necessary dental insurance information if you have insurance

Please fill out our online patient forms before you arrive at our office for your appointment.

in case of emergency

It is our hope that you never experience a dental emergency; however, in case you do please know that we are always available.

During office hours, if you are having pain or experience an emergency – such as bleeding, swelling, or trauma – please call us immediately as we will do our very best to accommodate patients in pain by offering service within 24 hours as an emergency visit in order to alleviate severe pain.

If an emergency occurs after hours, Modern Endodontics can be reached through our office. Our service will respond to your call in a timely manner.  Incidentally, you will be happy to know that due to the thoroughness of our comprehensive examinations, our patients experience very few emergencies. Should any problems arise, we are as near as your telephone, 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

what to expect

A clinical and radiographic examination will be performed to determine if endodontic treatment is needed.   Dr. Mirucki will answer all of your questions about the cause of your problem, the treatment sequence and the course of healing during this time.

If time has been set aside for treatment, then you will be given adequate local anesthesia to numb the area.   Your tooth will be isolated with a rubber dam (latex or non-latex barrier), and treatment will be rendered.

Some cases take more than one visit depending on the specific circumstances of your situation.  After treatment, your case and prognosis will be reviewed and post-operative instructions will be given.

oral conscious sedation

For patients who are anxious about dental treatment, we offer an oral sedative instead of nitrous oxide gas. If you think you may need this kind of care, please let us know so that we can schedule a consultation prior to your treatment appointment. In addition, please review the information below.  Instructions for anxiolysis oral sedation with Ativan (lorazepam) and/or  Halcion (triazolam):

  • These instructions and consent form are only for patients taking a medication prescribed by this office for dental anxiety.
  • Please read and sign the consent form indicating that you understand all the instructions and agree to follow them.
  • Take the recommended dosage 1 hour prior to your appointment.
  • Do not take with alcohol or other sedatives.
  • Do not operate machinery or drive while taking the medication for a period of at least 12 hours, and do not plan to make any important business decisions just prior to taking the medication.
  • You must have someone drive you to and from your appointment – no exceptions.
  • You cannot take this medication if you are pregnant.
  • Please have your driver notify our receptionist when you have arrived so that we can offer assistance if necessary.
  • If you feel you are having an adverse reaction please contact our office or emergency services.

We will escort you back to your vehicle.  We ask that your escort assists you after you arrive at your destination and remain with you for at least four hours to assure your well-being.


The following is important information to keep in mind following your treatment:

  •  A root canal treated tooth will not have any hot or cold sensitivity, but could be tender to touching or biting for a few days, possibly up to a month.
  • You will be given written and verbal instructions on how to minimize any discomfort by taking ibuprofen, Tylenol, or another prescribed pain reliever.
  • If you have swelling or a reaction to any medications, please call us immediately.
  • Please wait for anesthetic to wear off before chewing so that you do not bite your cheek or tongue. This usually takes 2-3 hours from the time it is given.
  • In many cases you will be asked to return to your general dentist within three weeks for further restorative treatment like a permanent filling or crown. Until then, please avoid chewing on the root canal treated tooth. Please do not delay in seeing your general dentist for follow-up care; doing so may cause failure of the root canal treatment necessitating root canal re-treatment or removal of the tooth.
  • We will ask you to return in 6-12 months for a quick visit in which we take a radiograph to evaluate the healing that has taken place. This visit only takes a couple minutes and there is no charge.

root canal specialist in londonderry, nh

If you need a root canal in Londonderry or surrounding areas, Dr. Chris Mirucki and his staff are here to provide the highest quality dental care in a friendly and supportive environment.